Chartered Building Surveyors – Manchester

Domestic Building Surveyors – Houses and Flats


When our expert team conducts a building survey on a domestic property, they look for the identification of any of the following:

  • Nail fatigue and fixing failures to pitched roofs, often resulting in the need for expensive re-roofing.
  • Structural failure of roof timbers, often resulting in costly structural repairs or remodels.
  • Cavity wall insulation failure, often resulting in highly expensive and disruptive repairs.
  • Penetrating flooding in basement walls, often resulting in costly tanking works.
  • Delaminating brickwork and concrete and other structural failures.
  • Penetrating dampness in walls, resulting in costly remedial work.
  • Geotechnical issues with houses being built on poor ground conditions resulting in foundation failure and expensive underpinning required.

An example of Nail Fixing Fatigue on a recent home disrepair survey.


Commercial Building Surveyors


A building survey conducted on a commercial property can identify any of the following:

  • Plasticizer migration and failure of single ply roofing membranes, often resulting in costly re-roofing works.
  • Leaks to concealed stormwater roof drainage resulting in expensive repairs to the internal building fabric.
  • Defective “fire stopping” and “fire cavity barriers” within voids impacting occupational health and safety.
  • Failure of gaskets to curtain walling.
  • Nickel sulphide inclusions in toughened glass.
  • Site environmental contamination.
  • Structural failure of steel and concrete beams.

An example of dry rot found on one of our Manchester building surveys.

Industrial Building Surveyors


The following is a list of what our surveyors look out for whilst conducting a building survey on industrial property:

  • “Cut edged” corrosion to metal profiled roof sheets.
  • Failed, discoloured warehouse roof lights.
  • Failed siphonic rainwater roof drainage.
  • Failed or missing “man safe” roof access systems.
  • Missing expansion joints to masonry panels.
  • Inadequate fire safety glazing between compartment walls.
  • Defects to structural floors.
  • Inadequate building services capabilities.
  • Environmental contamination.

An example of cut edged corrosion on the gutters of an industrial building we surveyed recently.

Terence Anderson Chartered Building Surveyors

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