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Building Defect Diagnosis
“ Building defect diagnosis is the determination of causation of a component failure with the external or internal fabric of a building, which then enables a professional recommendation for remediation. ”

At Terence Anderson as experienced chartered building surveyors we are experts at understanding all aspects of building pathology and why building components fail and have the relevant expertise in recommending remedial works.

Common defects we encounter include:

  • Structural movement in buildings;
  • Dampness in buildings;
  • Basement tanking failure;
  • Roof membrane failure;
  • Timber decay;
  • Concrete failure;
  • Water penetration.

We also encounter some not so common defects such as:

  • The effects of Nickel Sulphide Inclusions in glass; and
  • Plasticizer migration in certain types single ply roofing membranes.
For any further information then please do not hesitate to make contact on 0161 660 0459 or via Email at info@terenceanderson.co.uk