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Building Defects and Insurance Disputes
“ The objective of the Civil Procedure Rules is to deal with cases in a just manner. Practice Direction 35 of the Civil Procedures Rules. Part 35.3 sets out that the experts overriding duty is to the court on matters within their expertise. When disputes in construction and property arise and if parties to a dispute are unable to reach an agreement, they can either independently or jointly appoint a building surveying expert to prepare a report, with the aim of resolving the dispute prior to any legal proceedings. ”

At Terence Anderson as experienced technical assessors of buildings and qualified chartered building surveyors we are experienced in providing expert opinion to facilitate when technical disputes arise.

We are built environment professionals that provide independent expert evidence in relation to building and construction defects to be relied upon in civil proceedings, which are compliant with Civil Procedure Rules. We act in the capacity as a Single Joint Expert and provide expert witness reports that are presented in an organised, concise and referenced manner, which distinguish matters of fact, observations of those facts and any conclusions. The duty of the expert report is to be impartial and independent.

We can provide expert witness reports on quality of construction, suitability of construction materials used and specific defects in buildings or in specific matters such as housing disrepair or cavity wall matters.

Our reports are structured and provide expert opinion based upon the evidence provided and where necessary site inspections are also undertaken.

For any further information then please do not hesitate to make contact on 0161 660 0459 or via Email at info@terenceanderson.co.uk