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Building Repairs and Refurbishment
“ It is vital that all property owners make allowance and budget accordingly for essential life cycle building repairs and refurbishment repairs to mitigate risk of premature building component and equipment failure. Building component failures can create a significant risk to health and safety as well as reputational damage to an organisation. ”

At Terence Anderson we are experienced technical construction consultants and surveyors.

We are experts in all aspects of building pathology and have a comprehensive understanding of the likely risks associated with building repairs and refurbishment.

When undertaking repairs and refurbishment works to existing buildings it is important that appropriate technical due diligence is undertaken to determine the presence of asbestos or other materials that can be hazardous to health and safety of construction workers or occupiers.

It is therefore important that defects in buildings are correctly diagnosed and that appropriate remedial works are adequately specified to rectify the initial defect.

We assist clients in the following areas of building refurbishment:

  • Property inspection and defect identification and rectification reporting;
  • Preparation of remedial specifications and contract supervision and management of remedial repairs;
  • Planned and preventative maintenance inspections of college estates, healthcare and hospital facilities and procurement of remedial repairs;
  • Inspection and remedial advice in relation to historic buildings.
For any further information then please do not hesitate to make contact on 0161 660 0459 or via Email at info@terenceanderson.co.uk