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Construction and Development Monitoring
“ Many organisations and end users recognise the benefits of turnkey solutions to reduce transactional costs. In response to this trend, many developers and landlords offer prospective tenants a bespoke turnkey solution to meet the specific needs of the occupier. This could include the design and construction of a new building / facility or the modifications to an existing building. It is therefore vital that the end users interests are represented during the construction and development process. ”

At Terence Anderson we are experienced construction professionals, which allows us to mitigate risks for organisations and end users, when end users are acquiring a building or facility, which is being modified or constructed prior to lease completion.

Unlike other multi disciplinary property consultancies, which have agency, valuation and building surveying services, we are not conflicted to act as construction monitoring surveyor and we offer 100% independent advisory services to end users.

We generally assist end users at the beginning of the journey, by preparing the general brief. We also work very closely with the end users construction and property lawyers, providing technical input, when required, in relation to construction agreements, agreements to lease and the lease agreement.

We also work closely with financial institutions, which finance construction projects.

Pre construction, we provide technical reviews of the developer or landlord’s documentation.

As many end users take on board lengthy full repairing and insuring leases, then it is vital that a design maintenance overview is undertaken on architectural design and plans, to ensure that areas that need to be accessed for the purpose of maintenance and repair are easily accessible.

During the construction phase, we visit site and inspect the building works under progression and make representation at weekly site meetings on behalf of the end user. In addition, we also make representation at Practical Completion.

For any further information then please do not hesitate to make contact on 0161 660 0459 or via Email at info@terenceanderson.co.uk