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Commercial Buildings Surveys
“ It is vital that the purchaser of any freehold or leasehold interest in a commercial building mitigates financial risk and health and safety risk by carrying out a building survey. ”

At Terence Anderson we undertake full detailed inspections of all types of commercial buildings, focusing on the building structure and fabric prior to a client purchasing or prior to a client signing a Full Repairing Lease Agreement.

It is important to undertake a building survey to identify and determine if there are any risks of structural or building fabric failure and or any repair and maintenance defects to the building, which could negatively impact the investment purchase or expose a leasehold investor to costly repairing obligations during the lease term of a full repairing lease. It is also vital to undertake a building survey to mitigate any health and safety risks or statutory compliance matters.

In addition to our inspection of accessible areas of the building fabric and structure, we also use specialists to assist us to undertake below ground drainage investigations, asbestos audits, building services reviews and specialist environmental due diligence.

If repair and fit out works are required, then we can also assist in providing design, specification and project management assistance.

For any further information then please do not hesitate to make contact on 0161 660 0459 or via Email at info@terenceanderson.co.uk